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Radiate Rest:
A Mind, Body, Spirit Approach to Rest

Restorative Yoga
Teacher Training

Sept 30th - Oct 1st, 2023 | $333 | EPIC Yoga

In this comprehensive 2 day, 15hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, we will dive into the art and science of relaxation, explore how to find your unique voice and style as a teacher, and through experiential practice settle into a place of deep rest, peace, and ease.


When we teach authentically with compassion and love something beautiful occurs, we allow our students to blossom under our nurturing leadership, we hold space for the divine within each of us, we facilitate transformation. The techniques and practices learned throughout the weekend can be utilized to enhance rest in your life and others.


No-prerequisites required, all are welcome.


The Woodland Sanctuary:
A Yin Yoga Retreat in the Forest



Sam Saldivar &

Nicole Walter

November 2-5, 2023

Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of nature and experience the transformative power of Yin Yoga. This retreat is focused on the element of wood and is designed to help you reconnect with your roots, find your balance, and renew your spirit. Set in the heart of a peaceful forest, this escape includes daily Yin Yoga classes, nature, rest, community, and nourishing food, all carefully curated to help you unwind and embrace the healing energy of the wood element. Join us on this journey of renewal and discover a deeper sense of connection with yourself, like minded community, and nature.


This 4 day, 3 night retreat will be held in Idyllwild, CA at the Big Rock Chalet. The Big Rock Chalet is nestled at an elevation of 6200 ft. among the trees on a quiet road with sweeping panoramic views of the San Jacinto mountains. This property was carefully designed for those looking to escape the urban hustle & bustle and retreat to a peaceful mountain sanctuary.


Nicole and Samantha will lovingly guide you through daily practices of Yin Yoga, Rest, Connecting with Nature, Dharma Talks, Workshops, and so much more.


My name is Samantha Saldivar

Welcome to my sanctuary of rest. My journey to tranquility has been winding, but whenever I've allowed myself to slow down and truly embrace rest, my life has flourished. It all began with my first Restorative Yoga class—an instant love affair with the practice. Surrounded by plush props and the gentle kiss of sunlight, I felt an unparalleled sense of renewal and rejuvenation. It was like a luxurious spa day for my body, mind, and soul. This profound experience called me to help others find ease and rest.

Though life and the allure of hustle culture led me astray at times, my heart always guided me back to rest. Holding sacred space for others to rest has been an incredible gift, evoking tears of love and joy as I witness their transformative journeys.

If you're tired of being tired, dear soul, it's time to lay your head down and embrace rest. Welcome, and find solace here.



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